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Kimagure de

On a whim~

On a Whim~
Hi there~!
Just some basics!
Name: Pinky
Age: in college 8D
Location: college-upstate New York / home-NYC
Hobbies: video gaming; drawing ; anime/manga ; drooling over pretty things
--In specifics about anime, I mostly watch shounen-fantasy-comedy mix. Honestly, I'd watch anything that's funny with good animation and a decent plot.
--In specifics about manga, I really dislike typical shoujo but somehow can't bring myself to NOT read them! So my favorite ones are ones with stronger female mains. The rest of the manga I read are pretty much similar to what kinds of anime I watch.
Fashion: I am very casual about fashion but I am also slowly starting to build up my Lolita (Classic, Hime, Punk) and Visual-kei wardrobe. It's mostly for fun and to wear things I want to wear.

My journal isn't friend locked, but please feel free to friend me anyways~! I will try not to clutter your friend page with my random blogs. XD