This is more like a note to self...

I need to clean out my closet before my mom discovers several articles of clothing that I sneakily bought and won't wear.

BodyLine Lovely Poodle JSK : $20?
BtSSB Lucky Pack Blouse : $50?
BtSSB Lucky Pack JSK : $120 (I'm going to miss this one. Q_Q)
BtSSB Lucky Pack Headbow : $20
BodyLine White OTK lace socks w/ bell o.o; : $10
BodyLine Black Lace Skirt & Pink-grey pannier set : $15
Rose Melody Pannier : $40?
Metamorphose Bloomers : $20
Plaid Leg Warmers : $10
BodyLine Tea Party Heels : $35
BodyLine Blouse: $15

Now I gotta get boxes from the post office and make a sales post.
> 3 <
Before I have to pack for the summer and go back home...

I really gotta stop buying stuff on a whim.

I'm keeping my punk clothing and a pair of heels and accessories. ;D
rin len

I feel like writing a post about all my negative emotions

But that doesn't really suit me
...and I'm not even in the mood for it anymore.

I've been a quiet, shy, cautious person for the longest time ever.
I think ever since I was a kid, after coming back from China, I've been this way.
Because the environment changed so drastically I went from loud, open child to more closed and careful.

But I've never let go of my optimism. And I love that it's one of the things that hasn't changed.
Everyone has dark, depressing thoughts though. I doubt anyone can say they've never felt like a screw up or a failure at one point in their life or another.
It happens in stories when there's that one character who's so full of themselves -- but these characters are often two-dimensional and never stick for long.

Humans are really awesome.

Whenever I read some touching, down-to-earth stories about relationships between people, I always think too much and get too moody.
No matter if it's a happy story or a depressing story because I reflect on them and compare them to myself.
Yeah, everyone's lives are different, even in stories so I can never stay depressed for long.

The sun has to shine one day.
Just like today and the day before <3 I told my friend that it's more often cloudy than not here... so much that vampires could survive here.

I think I happen to be one of those people who self-search a lot. Like there is rarely a day when I do not think about my actions and why I do those things.
Why am I who I am? What makes me different from the next person? What are my good and bad qualities?
But people like me can either be too hard on themselves or over-confident.
I aim for somewhere in the middle because middle is balance.

The manga that I read that brought this up is Hanaya no Nikai de... the last part (I think?) of a Shounen-Ai/Yaoi series about an odd family of brothers.
When reading about Akinobu's internal thoughts about himself and how he didn't have any preferences and never gave anyone trouble, he really reminded me of myself.
When I was growing up, I tried my hardest not to make things for my parents... and I still do.
At one point, I tried so hard, I started lying to them when I felt like rebelling but to still fit their expectations at the same time.
It led me to cutting dance classes and getting poorer grades.
When my mother found out about me cutting dance class, it hurt a lot and to this day, I still regret it.
As for the grades, my mom didn't really mind and my father never really found out because he was rarely around to check.
My dad isn't a horrible dad, I know that. He really loves me, but he doesn't love my mom. He thinks she's stupid and useless.

Which is completely wrong.

And I don't want to get into a rant about my dad because I've had so many that it's quite pointless now.

Well. In the end, this entry still got a little depressing and that saddens me. D:
I'm really a happy, cheerful person.
But I guess it is true, that when you're happy, you want to write about sad things. XD


So this is sort of old news but a person on deviantArt asked me to color her OC.
Now I actually don't have much time or inspiration to just color stuff (or even draw) whenever people ask me, which is why my dA is never flooded with my art.

I decided to let a little exception pass and responded to her note agreeing along with telling her that I would be really slow and really busy.
She then replies back, asking me to color her fanart of Tsukasa from Lucky Star to "see how good you are."

Wait. What?
I don't even---

Are you serious?

You asked me to color something for you. Your OC.
And then you ask me to color something else to test my skill?

Well, that's just going over the line IMO.
Honestly, you can't see how I color from my uploaded deviations?

I don't have time for this bullcrap.
No lie.
It's like she's asking me to color two of her artworks for the request of one.
And I'm not even going to talk about how an artist feels when the commissioner wants to "test" your skill.

I'm not even getting paid for this.
I've considered doing the "test" just because.
But now I've no motivation to color it.

So whatever. If she ever notes me back about why she hasn't received her colored Tsukasa yet, she can get a polite angered response from me back.
rin len

Morrigan(Wave) & COOL&CREATE : endless dream

Because I couldn't find the romaji lyrics for this wonderful song so I could sing along, I decided to find them in Japanese and translate them. Of course, with online translators, they're never 100% right so I had to fix some of the romaji by ear--and I don't know Japanese, so excuse my fail mistake if you find them. Haha.

I can't sing this song but its fun to /try/ to sing along with anyways.

This is a Tohou song. 8D I think it's an arrangement but so freaking beautiful. The video I embedded should have English subtitles.

Enjoy this beautiful song in a language I hardly understand~

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rin len

BtSSB Lucky Pack 2010~~

This is my first one ever~~ And I seriously think I am going to buy one from a brand every year~ XD I love bargains. <33

Anyways, I got the Total Coordinate Set (because I needed a nice blouse).
I was so worried I was going to get black or blue (because I don't look good in black, cuz it doesn't fit my image and I don't like blue >_>).

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But my mom is going to kill me when she finds out how much money I splurged on frilly dresses. XD
Anyways~ Hope you enjoyed! <3
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